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If you are currently homeschooling and ready to apply for SAIL membership, please complete the form below.
Our membership team will send you the link to our online membership application.
Please be sure you have reviewed all membership requirements, as you will be asked to give digital consent to these policies during the application process.

While attendance at a SAIL Monthly Gathering Park Day is typically a prerequisite for SAIL membership, as of July 1, 2020, the new member meeting
that normally takes place at that gathering will be hosted by the SAIL Membership Team online until all Covid-19 precautions are lifted.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

This meeting will be held the second Tuesday of each month. If you have not already attended a new member meeting, please
visit our Monthly Gathering page and complete the form to let us know which online meeting you plan to join.

New memberships are pending until all membership requirements are met. At that time, you will receive email confirmation
from our membership team welcoming you to SAIL, and providing full access to our members-only website and resources.

Pending memberships will expire after 3 months if all membership requirements are not met in that time.
If your membership application expires, you will need to reapply by completing the form below.

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